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Manufactured by Windmaster, the Tornado Series can be used to ventilate a number of different building structures.

Cost-effective and efficient, the ventilators eliminate dust and down-draught, helping to create a cleaner and healthier work environment.


  • remove heat, dust, fumes and steam
  • improve indoor air quality
  • water and bird proof
  • reduce structural damage
  • protect stored goods
  • human and environmentally friendly
  • can be colour coated
  • adjustable pitch (up to 45 degrees)
  • silent, clean and effective
  • virtually no maintenance and operating costs


  • schools
  • factories
  • workshops
  • agricultural buildings
  • hostels
  • assembly halls


Specifications300mm Tornado350mm Tornado500mm Tornado610mm Tornado715mm Tornado
Tested Air Removing Capacity at 15km/h Windspeed1489m³/h1863m³/h4495m³/h6807m³/h9257m³/h
Tested Air Removing Capacity at 25km/h Windspeed2184m³/h2731m³/h5757m³/h8515m³/h11491m³/h
Open Area38m²50m²120m²180m²260m²
Sealed Bearings in Housing22222
No. of Blades2021324046
Dome Height270mm280mm430mm530mm580mm
Dome Width430mm460mm660mm815mm980mm
Total Height510mm610mm870mm910mm1020mm
Approximate Mass: Galvanised Tornado6.3kg7.6kg15.9kg24.6kg38.1kg
Approximate Mass: Zincalume Tornado5.7kg7.2kg14.7kg22.4kg35.05kg
Approximate Mass: Aluminimum Tornado3.8kg4.7kg10.4kg15.2kg22.1kg
Specifications300mm Tornado350mm Tornado
m² Floor Coverage Per Unit (Void) 76m²100m²
m² Floor Coverage Per Unit (Open) 38m²50m²
Tested Air Removing Capacity at 15km/h Windspeed1489m³/h1863m³/h
Tested Air Removing Capacity at 25km/h Windspeed2184m³/h2731m³/h
Sealed Bearings in Housing22
Number of Blades2021
Total Height510mm610mm
Approximate Mass: Galvanised Tornado6.3kg7.6kg
Approximate Mass: Zincalume Tornado5.7kg7.2kg
Approximate Mass: Aluminimum Tornado3.8kg4.7kg