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Manufactured from recycled polyster, Thermocoustex provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

It can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, such as airports, factories and schools, to reduce noise and maintain thermal comfort all-year-round.


  • suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial ceilings and cavity walls
  • offers excellent acoustic and thermal performance in one product
  • prevents roof drumming noise from rain, hail, wind, traffic etc.
  • performs excellently in high humidity areas
  • non-irritant, non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • 100% recyclable
  • complies with SANS 428 Fire Standards and does not contribute to flame spread


  • schools, churches, airports, trainstations, recording studios, board rooms, restaurants, etc.
  • any application where noise reduction is required and on roofs where prevention of drumming noise is required


25mm50 kg/m³1.2m20m0.74
32 kg/m³1.2m20m0.69
24 kg/m³1.2m20m0.67
50mm50 kg/m³1.2m10m1.48
32 kg/m³1.2m10m1.38
24 kg/m³1.2m10m1.34