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Manufactured from polyester fibre, Romatherm is both kind to your pocket and your skin.

It is available in a number of different thicknesses and has a strong R-value. This means it is a cost-effective solution for ensuring a building retains heat during the winter months, yet remains cool in the summer.


  • friendly to the touch
  • does not irritate the skin or affect breathing in any way
  • SABS tested for thermal performance, as well as fire propagation
  • does not contribute to flame spread and is not toxic
  • high R-value
  • manufactured to ISO9002 Standards
  • does not collapse over time, retaining its ‘loft’


  • insulating industrial, commercial and domestic buildings
  • ceiling insulation


50mm10 kg/m³1.2m10m1
75mm10 kg/m³1.2m8m1.5
100mm10 kg/m³1.2m6m2
135mm10 kg/m³1.2m5m2.7