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Concealed Fix Sheeting

Concealed Fix Profiles

We manufacture the following concealed fix profiles: Diamondek, Snap Lock, Nail Strip and Soffit Panel.

In concealed fix systems, the clips and fixings are covered by the roof panels. Therefore, the clips are not exposed to weather. This reduces incidence of rust and reduces the probability of leaks which occur around external fixing points, such nails or screws.

These profiles are available in Clean COLORBOND, Clean COLORBOND ULTRA, Zincalume, Zincal, ColorPlus and ColorPlus Ultima.


DIAMONDEK is the established brand leader in the secret fix market. The profile has been in the market for over 20 years and has been tried and tested on a multitude of designs and application.

DIAMONDEK is a modern, high-tech, aesthetically pleasing profile, suitable for residential homes as well as industrial or commercial buildings.

Diamondek Profile

DIAMONDEK concealed fix roof sheeting is designed to provide a roof covering, without end laps, to buildings with roof pitches as low as 1.5 degrees, without piercing the sheet when fixing to purlins. This is achieved by attaching the sheets with clips that are screwed to the purlins.
DIAMONDEK roof sheeting is available in any length. This flexibility of sheet length is available as the mill can be transported to the site. The sheets are then profiled and cut to size on-site according to the client’s requirements.

DIAMONDEK roofing will perform at very low pitches. A minimum of 1.5 degrees is recommended to achieve maximum performance.

A length variation of +/-5.0mm, and a width tolerance of +/-3.0mm is permissible.
To calculate the number of Diamondek sheets required, divide the roof width (metres) by 0.407 and round off to the next full number.

Example: Roof width = 6.00m and run-off = 6.30m: 6 + 0.407 = 6.407.

This means 6 sheets of length 6.30m are required.

 Material TypeThickness in millimetres (mm)
Bluescope Zincalume® AZ150
Bluescope Clean COLORBOND™ AZ150
Please Note: This table should be used as a guideline only. We recommend consulting an engineer to determine the purlin spacing for each particular application.

Thickness (TCT - Top Coated Thickness)0.47mm0.53mm
Grade (Yield Strength)G 300G 300
Single Span1.201.20
End Span1.201.50
Internal Span1.601.80
Single Span1.801.80
End Span1.801.80

Snaplock 38.1 mm

Suitable for roof pitches of 1.5 degrees or greater and purlin spacings of up to 1 metre. This profile is very popular in residential applications owing to its aesthetically pleasing finish, as well as the speed and simplicity of fixing.

Snaplock Profile

Seamlock 38 mm

Suitable for the same applications as Snaplock. The side lap of the roof sheet is seamed over together with the fixing clip and the adjacent sheet forming an extremely stable and wind resistant roof covering, which cannot be unclipped. This is also the only concealed fix roofing system that can be smooth-curved, without deforming the sheet through cranking, thereby providing a smooth curved sheet (minimum 0.8 metre radius)


Seamlock 50 mm

Suited to commercial and industrial applications with purlin spacings of up to 1.5 metres.

Seamlock 50 Profile

Nail Strip

Suitable for roof pitches greater than 12 degrees. This is a clipless concealed-fix system and is well suited to the DIY market due to the ease of fixing.

Nailstrip Profile

Soffit Panels 22.2 mm

Soffit Panels are well suited to vertical (wall) cladding and for decorative purposes or internal applications, especially in commercial buildings and to a lesser degree in industrial applications.

Soffit Panels Profile

Materials and Finishes

Our additional concealed fix profiles are manufactured from the following materials.

 Material TypeThickness in millimetres (mm)
Bluescope Zincalume® AZ150
Bluescope Clean COLORBOND™ AZ150
Aluminium EZ